What is Ejari

Ejari Registration in Dubai,UAE

EJARI suggests ‘My Rent’ in Arabic. Practically it suggests an advanced system that will relocate Dubai actual estate industry to be one of the ideal managed rental market in the globe.)

EJARI is the brand-new effort of RERA to control and also help with the Rental Market of Dubai. This is a brand-new system that will certainly make provisions of Law No. 26 of 2007 efficient that is managing the partnership in between Landlords and also Tenants in Dubai. This will certainly need all business and also people functioning as proprietors to sign up occupancy contracts making use of EJARI.

RERA has actually introduced that with the result of 14 March 2010, all rental/ lease contracts for Dubai homes have to be signed up via its brand-new EJARI online website. The EJARI digital enrollment internet solution is developed to satisfy the needs of the regulation and also RERA’s vision and also goal to develop a durable governing system for the rental market as well as secure the legal rights of every person entailed.

Its cutting edge online enrollment system supplies complete security of their legal rights to all celebrations with occupancy arrangement. It makes sure these legal rights are identified, maintained, as well as applied by all Government companies. It develops complete openness in between property manager and also renter, totally incorporates rental agreements right into the lawful structure and also opens the opportunity of having the ability to modify these agreements flawlessly in case of conflicts.

The Ejari system offers a complete profile of services past signing up the first lease arrangement. Revivals, transfers, terminations as well as discontinuations can all be logged. Ejari will certainly guarantee rental arrangements are clear and also reasonable to the celebrations included which their problems as well as terms are offered complete weight.

Exactly how it functions?

These consist of info such as information of the home, the name of the rental business, and also terms of the contract. When the contract is gotten in right into the system as well as registered it is assigned an one-of-a-kind barcode which acts as its recommendation throughout the life of the agreement.

Ejari Dubai: Landlords must get certified

According to the law, landlords or landlord representatives have to get certified with EJARI in order to act as “authorized landlords” against local authorities. This is a necessary condition to rent or lease assets. Individuals can get certified by attending a 1-day course at RERA and passing a final exam. Individuals shall pay a price for attending the course and getting certified. The law states that landlords who have not attended the 1-day course or failed the exam cannot rent out their property.

Ejari Dubai: Tenancy Contracts must be registered

The second most important effect of the law is that, from the 14th of March 2010, all tenancy contracts in Dubai must also be registered in the Ejari information system. This provision is made mandatory for all rental contracts concerning residential properties as well as commercial units and land with the purpose to make the Dubai rental market become one of the most transparent in the world and ensure peace of mind to both tenants and landlords alike.

The law states that individuals can register tenancy contracts by themselves (e-registration) through the official Ejari web portal (www.ejari.aeONLY AFTER they get the status of “authorized landlords or representatives”. People who did not attended the 1-day course at RERA or failed the final exam are, in fact, not allowed to register for any contract with Ejari.

This limitation has been put in place because the Ejari certification has been articulated into a complex procedure and only skilled people are authorized to enter data in the system.

The registration of a tenancy contract is not free and individuals must pay the registration fee set by RERA.

Ejari Dubai: tenancy contract registration is a legal requirement

Getting your tenancy contract registered with Ejari has also become necessary for obtaining a large set of documents and starting up new services . The Ejari registration certificate, in fact, represents the only proof of address with legal validity in the Emirate of Dubai. In particular, the Ejari registration is now required for:

  • getting a new residence visa (or renewing an existing visa);
  • getting a media/internet connection;
  • obtaining a commercial license;
  • employing domestic staff (maid, gardener, etc.);
  • acquiring a liquor license;
  • connecting water and electricity with DEWA.

Other important points

The Ejari system keeps record of a large series of events concerning the rental agreements life cycle. In fact, Ejari keeps track of contract cancellations, renewals, terminations and transfers; they all may be logged into the system.

The above mentioned law also sets new rules about the pricing of leased properties, in particular, by setting a cap to the price increase at contract renewal.