Ejari FAQs

Here you will find a list of Common Questions. Please read throughly.

This is our list of Ejari FAQ (frequently asked questions). If you have questions that are not answered here, please email us.

What is Ejari?
Ejari, which means “My rent” in Arabic, is an initiative sponsored by RERA to regulate the leasing sector in the emirate of Dubai. You can read more at What is Ejari.

Who must register a tenancy contract with Ejari?
Tenants and landlords are jointly responsible for registering the Tenancy Contract with Ejari immediately after the lease has begun. However, it’s a common practice in Dubai that Tenants do the registration and pay the related cost.

What type of rentals require Ejari registration?
Ejari registration is mandatory for any rental contract and property in the Emirate of Dubai, including both free-hold and non-freehold properties as well as residential and commercial properties.

What are the benefits of registering a tenancy contract with Ejari?
Ejari establishes a transparent relationship between landlords and tenants so that both parties are fully aware of their rights and obligations and are equally protected. The Ejari registration also integrates the tenancy agreement into the legal framework and it is therefore recognized by all government departments across the Emirate of Dubai. This comes into use in case a dispute arises between landlord and tenant.

Is Ejari registration mentioned in the Dubai Law?
Yes, under the Law No. 26 of 2007 and following amendments, regarding regulation of relations between tenants and landlords. This makes it mandatory to register tenancy contracts with RERA through the Ejari system.

Can I register my tenancy contract online?
Yes, you can! The Ejari registration express service is available to the public through our website www.ejari-registration.ae. Tenants (and Landlords) can submit an Ejari Registration request here.

If I use your service, do I need to visit a RERA office to get this done?
No. You don’t need to visit or queue at any office. Everything, starting from the submission of your request to the delivery of your Ejari certificate, is done online.

How long does it take to get my tenancy contract registered?
It takes 6 working hours maximum during regular working days (weekends and festivities excluded).

How do you calculate the 6 hour delivery deadline?
The 6 hour count starts from the moment we receive your application and related payment, assuming that you have correctly submitted the required documents. If any document or information is missing, we start counting the 6 hours from the moment we receive the necessary documentation. Since registration takes place at RERA, please mind that we count working days only (from 9am to 5pm, Sun to Thu, Dubai time). For example, if you submit your application at 3pm on Monday and you provide some missing documents at a later stage, let’s say at 10am on Tuesday, you may expect your Ejari certificate to be ready by Tuesday at 4pm (that is, 6 working hours from the moment you provided the complete set of documents). Customers acknowledge that if any document is unclear, incorrect, missing or incomplete, the registration process may require more time and cause the delay of the certificate issuance.

Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee?
Yes, we do! We guarantee your Ejari attestation will be ready and delivered to your email address within 6 working hours from the time we receive your application, in accordance to the rules set on this page. This means that if we register your contract in more than 6 working hours, we refund the price paid for the Express Online registration service while customers are still bound to pay the regular government tax and typing service fee.

What are the conditions for receiving a refund?
If the delay in the registration process is due to the applicant’s negligence (for example: he fails to provide some of the required documents) or it is due to problems related to the property (for example: the property or plot of land is not registered at DLD, the name of the owner at DLD does not match with the name of the owner as seen in the Title Deeds, another Ejari contract is active on the rented property), we will not be held responsible for the delay and no refund can be claimed on the price paid for the “Express Online registration” part.Nevertheless we will always issue a refund for the part concerning Ejari government fee and typing services (AED 205 = $55.81) when the registration process fails. A detailed guide on the documentation needed to register a rental contract is offered at the Ejari registration requirements page.

How much time do I have to provide the required documents?
Visitors acknowledge that they have 6 months from the date of the payment to submit the required documents (of fix possible issues with the property at DLD). If visitors do not provide the required set of documents or the problems with the property are not fixed within 6 months, their application will be automatically closed and no refund can be claimed due to the technical limitations of our online payment gateways (Paypal, CashU) and for financial auditing. This means that transactions that are 6 months old or older are final and cannot be reversed. By submitting an order, customers acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions.

What do I need to do in order to submit a request on your website?

Send us a Whatsapp Message by clicking on the right side or drop an email on info@ejari-registrations.ae

What documents am I supposed to provide if asked for?
We need to receive the following documents:

a) Copy of the original tenancy contract;
b) Tenant’s Passport (it is recommended to upload the UAE Visa page as well);
c) Tenant’s Emirates ID (now mandatory);
d) last DEWA bill (if new tenant, DEWA Security Deposit statement);
e) Copy of the title deed of the leased property.

I am concerned about privacy issues. Is the upload of my documents secure?
Our website is 100% secure and your document upload is protected by a 256-bit secure SSL encrypted connection. Your documents will be stored in a safe environment and used solely for representing you to government authorities and get your Ejari certificate done. We respect your privacy and we will not disclose your personal information with any third party. We invite you to find out that we care: read our Privacy Policy.

What file formats are allowed to be sent to you?
Our website accepts documents in the following formats: JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, DOC, PDF. If you do not have access to a scanner, we suggest you take a clear photo of the required documents with a regular digital camera or even with a smartphone like iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, etc. Photos are normally saved as JPG or PNG which are two of the file formats accepted by our system. If your document is made of more than a page and you took several photos, one per page, we recommend you put all photos together and convert them to PDF.By doing so, the PDF output will become a perfect replica of your hardcopy document.

I am a tenant and I am temporarily overseas. Can you help me register the contract?
Yes, of course. Ejari-Registration.ae is particularly useful for clients travelling often overseas. There is no need to be physically present in Dubai nor visit any rental authorities to process your request. Just send a message for instant response either over email or WhatsApp and we will help you facilitate this as much as possible.

Do tenants have to register the tenancy contract every time they renew the lease?
Yes, they do. Every time a tenancy contract is renewed, tenants must register the lease contract with Ejari again.

I don’t want to use my credit / debit card online. Can I pay in cash?

We accept all major kinds of cards from Visa & Mastercard. All you need to do is inform us and we will send you a payment link from a trusted encrypted payment gateway. We accept Paypal as well but for certain conditions. Also, you can come Visit us anytime at our offices if you wish to pay in Cash.

Can you make a list of the services provided by Ejai-Registration.ae?

  • Remote document check (no need to visit RERA);
  • Assistance & support in case some documents are missing, not complete or incorrect (basically we guide you through the entire process);
  • Representation at RERA office
  • Drafting of ejari application form on applicant’s behalf
  • Payment of all government fees;
  • Completion of ejari registration process with the issuance of ejari contract / certificate;
  • Provision of ejari contract / certificate to the applicant by email.


Everything will be managed online by email and through our website and, if needed, we are available by phone as well 7 days a week. You won’t need to visit any office or queue at RERA to get your contract registered!

Upon completion of registration, what documents will I receive?
You will receive the official Ejari contract that’s composed by the following 3 sections:
a) Ejari Registration Certificate
b) Ejari Tenancy Contract
c) Invoice
The document is delivered to you by email as attachment (PDF file).

What is the most important thing to keep in mind with Ejari registrations?
The Ejari registration process can be completed only if the title deeds of the leased property is available. It is true there are exceptions for new properties, however having the title deeds in good standing is the only way to get the property and subsequent tenancy contract registered with Ejari / RERA.

Can I register a tenancy contract by myself?
Yes, you can. If you are a real estate agent or a professional user, you need to get access to the Ejari information system. Access is granted solely to active registered users. Becoming a user is not straight forward as you need to attend a 1-day training course at RERA and pass an exam to get certified.
If you are a tenant or a landlord, you can register your rental contract in person at Dubai Land Department (Rera / Ejari office). The full address is Dubai, Deira, Baniyas Road. The office is open from Sunday till Thursday from 7:30 am until 2:30 pm (Fri-Sat closed). Please bear in mind that offices are busy at times and you will still be required to pay government charges as well as typing service fees. Also make sure you check your documents carefully before your visit, since missing, incomplete or invalid documents may lead to the rejection of your application. Also for this reason, we recommend you register online because our staff will assist you throughout the process and offer remote support in case documents are not compliant with RERA regulations. This will definitely save you time and money and spare long queues and/or multiple visits to RERA.

Where can i find the Ejari Number ?

After logging the Ejari tenancy contract into Ejari, you will receive a unique number that is usually known as Ejari Number.

Can i Download the Ejari Certificate Myself?

In order to download this certificate, you must visit dubailand.gov.ae and then add your contact number. After that, you need to add the DEWA premise number or the Municipality number. And lastly, you have to click on download PDF.

What happens when i Move out?

The landlord has the responsibility of canceling the Ejari contract in case his/her tenant is moving out. And if he/she doesn’t cancel the contract, the next tenant won’t be able to register a new Ejari.